The Nowrosjee Wadia College, currently in its 85th year was established on July 21, 1932. Within six months of the establishment of the Modern Education Society on February 15, 1932. True to Its credo ‘For the Spread of Light’, the college pioneered efforts to open the portals of higher education to the residents of eastern parts of Pune and pursued them tirelessly through the last eighty resplendent years. Over the years, it has become the first choice to acquire an all-round quality education for many promising young men and women from all over the country and abroad.

The college was founded with just 250 students. By year 1982, the student strength was about 3000. In the year 2003 the student strength reached 6000. Initially affiliated to the University of Bombay, the College changed its affiliation to the University of Pune in 1949.

Besides the numerous courses that it offers in the faculty of Science at the under graduate and graduate level, the Nowrosjee Wadia College is also a recognized research centre for and offers PhD in certain subjects.

The Nowrosjee Wadia Alumni Association is the alumni association of all Nowrosjee Wadians Рpast and present.  It aims to bring together all the former students on a common platform. The aim of the Alumni Association is to reach, engage and bring the present and past students together in a spirit of voluntary networking.

A series of activities are being planned over the year leading to a grand event to celebrate the 85th year of establishment.